Paramount Protection

1st Defense Industries is a world leader in crawling insect protection for all growing applications.  Protecting your yield in a safe, cost-efficient way is priority number one in commercial applications, and our patented design offers exactly what our clients are looking for.

Protection from vine beetles, spider mites, mealybugs, immature aphids, and crawling insects. 

Crawling Insect Protection

1ST Defence Industries Ltd. designs, manufactures and distributes high quality, eco-friendly devices and equipment that are highly effective in the ongoing battle against vine beetles, spider mites, mealybugs, immature aphids, and crawling insects.  We are a privately owned Canadian corporation which is committed to providing safe and affordable solutions to the growing commercial horticuture, medical marijuana (cannabis), and personal growery markets.

Protect Your Plants!

Put a 6″ Bug Coaster with Tray under each pot or potting assembly, and stop crawling insects in their tracks!  Simple!

Protect Your Tables!

Use a 4″ Bug Coaster under each table leg, and stop crawling insects from climbing the legs of your flood tables!

Protect Your Office!

Use a 4″ Bug Coaster as an insect trap, by simply adding the coasters to dark, damp parts of your office.  Trap them early! 

Large Orders

We are happy to customize your order to reflect your brand.  Colors, Logos and more can all be added large volume orders.

Become a Vendor

We are constanly expanding our dealer network.  If you are interested in becoming an affiliate of 1st Defense Industries…

What Our Customers are Saying

“We use 1st Defense Bug Coasters in our office, and we haven’t had a single issue since!”

Dorian McCready

“We have a small greenhouse, and we use Bug Coasters everywhere.  Nothing has worked prior to this!”

Greg Schatz

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