The Original Bug Coaster

Environmentally Friendly Pest Control

The Original Bug Coaster is your first line of defense against uninvited crawling pests. These durable, eco-friendly, chemical-free bug coaster will help detect and immobilize a wide range of crawling pests for almost any application. If you are in the “battle of the bugs” in your home or business, the Original Bug Coaster is your pesticide-free weapon of choice.

Bugs are a nuisance. Insects don’t belong in your bed, RV or storage boxes. Place our pest control coasters under…...

Say goodbye to crawling pests. Whether at home, work or on vacation, bugs are a nuisance. Stop crawling insects in…...

Keep bugs from your foliage. In the house, the backyard, or commercial greenhouse, pest infestations can wreak havoc. Start crawling…...

Pets deal with pests too. Protect your four-legged family members from mites, ticks, and other crawling insects. Our Pet Bed…...

Protect your crop. Professional and hobbyist gardeners fight to keep their plants free of pests. Set pots on top of…...

Safeguard your harvest. Encircle the base of every plant with a REVERSIBLE Sticky Cone to prevent crawling pest infestations. Place…...


Household & Outdoor

  • Kitchens
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Garden
  • Bedrooms
  • Patio
  • Cots
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Professional Growers & Greenhouses

  • Vegetables
  • Medical-Grade Cannabis
  • Greenhouses
  • Commercial Growers
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  • Restraurants
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
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Common Pests

Immature Aphids


Bed Bug






Spider Mite


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Non-toxic, Pesticide-Free Technologies

We are committed to ensuring our Original Bug Coaster products are durable, effective and affordable.

About Us

  • We have been using the bed bug traps under our furniture and it was helpful in trapping various other bugs, not just bed bugs during our breakout. They were a great help in controlling and ending the bed bug issue.
    Rob WhiteThe Cascades, Chilliwack, BC
  • Your round pet bed has gone through some extensive testing by my pet dog, Zoe, who is with me in the office today, and I’m happy to report that she gives it her highest ratings.
    Tai W. Nahm
  • "We here at the Pest Doctor heard of a newer style of bed bug protection by 1st Defence Industries and we knew that we had to try them. We have found that their rectangular shape fits better into corners than the circular models. Our clients love that the adhesive is covered because allows the trap to be more effective and it lasts longer."
    Pest Doctor
  • “Our experience with Randall at 1st Defence has exceeded all of our expectations. They truly went above and beyond to help us with our pest problem, taking the time to help us set up traps, thoroughly explaining how to use them, giving demos, and providing much needed (and appreciated) advice. These guys are fantastic, they provide marvelous service and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”
    Pet LoversRetail Store
  • “We use 1st Defense Bug Coasters in our office, and we haven’t had a single issue since!"
    Dorian McCready
  • “We use bug coasters under all of the beds in our house, especially our newborns crib. Within just a few days we had some bugs in the ones under our son’s crib! We will always use them to protect our family!”
    Cindy Witworth

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1st Defence Industries is 100% Canadian Owned and Operated

Based in British Columbia with manufacturing facilities in Ottawa, Ontario, 1st Defence Industries is 100% Canadian owned and operated. Our unique Bug Coaster design is a high-strength, non-toxic product that will help control the spread of crawling pests without the use of pesticides or poisons.

Simply place the Bug Coasters under the legs of your bed, couch, table, plant container or shelving, and this revolutionary new design will trap crawling pests as they crawl through the device. The coaster makes it easy for the crawling pests to enter, but uses a combination of steep, slippery surfaces and an adhesive pad to make sure they can’t get out. The bug coasters are attractive, unobtrusive and pesticide-free. Checking them is easy and doesn’t require you to move furniture.

Our Bug Coasters come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit a range of household, recreational, agricultural and hospitality industry applications. We also offer a tray for bait and attractants that is perfect for professionals. These products have been proven effective in detecting and protecting against most crawling pests, including bedbugs, ticks, spiders, spider mites, vine weevils, ants and scorpions.

Whether you’re a professional grower who needs to protect your investment, a hotel that wants to detect crawling insects before they become a problem, or a family looking to prevent bedbugs and ticks from accessing your children or pets, look no further than the Original Bug Coaster.