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Protect your greenhouse from vine beetles, spider mites, mealybugs, and any other crawling insects

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Bed bug incidents are at unprecedented levels. Bug Coasters trap and immobilize them!

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Camping with your family can be quickly ruined by crawling insects. Let us help you enjoy the outdoors!

Crawling Insect Protection

1st Defence Industries Ltd. designs, manufactures and distributes high quality, eco-friendly devices and equipment that are highly effective in the ongoing battle against vine beetles, spider mites, mealybugs, immature aphids, and crawling insects.  We are a privately owned Canadian corporation which is committed to providing safe and affordable solutions to the growing commercial horticuture, medical marijuana (cannabis), and personal growery markets.


Of Pest Professionals Have Treated Bed Bugs In The Past 12 Months

Average Hours Required To Clear An Opertaion Of Mealybugs


Of North American homes are at risk of insect contamination

Proven Crawling Insect Protection

Pests can pose real and serious threats to homes, horticultural operations, and personal safety & well-being while outdoors. We have developed a proprietary, pesticide-free, and cost-effective way to address these issues.

Our products are safe for children and animals, incredibly durable, and user-friendly. The discrete design of our custom-molded product eliminates unsightly insects once trapped. 1st Defense Bug Coasters stop all crawling insects in their tracks, providing an incredibly effective means of protecting furniture, children, product, and anything else susceptible to crawling insect contamination.

Commercial Growing

There are many insects that can negatively affect commercial growing operations; particularly vine beetles and mealybugs.  In using our proven protection method, our operators are able to mitigate the movement of pests from high-contamination areas such as floors, tables, and racks. By impeding the movement of these pets, operators can effectively, and safely protect their product without toxic chemicals.

Home & Outdoor


Our 4″ Bug Coaster is perfect for both home and leisure applications. By placing our coasters underneath bed, table, and nursery legs we can effectively prevent any chance of ticks, ants, scorpions, and spiders from climbing up to where we, our children, and our pets sleep.
Placing a Bug Coaster in a pantry, linen closet, or other susceptible areas will draw insects towards it, then trapping them within the coaster.



Bed bug encounters are rising terrifyingly fast all across the world. In North America alone, there are thousands of reports every year. Our discrete and customizable coasters will protect guests, and prevent any chance of outbreak through early detection. Simple installation below all points of contact with the floor is all that is necessary to protect beds, tables, chairs and couches.

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The Independent research firm Snell Scientifics tested our products and provided us with tangible proof that our system works.

What Our Customers are Saying

“We use 1st Defense Bug Coasters in our office, and we haven’t had a single issue since!”

Dorian McCready

“We use bug coasters under all of the beds in our house, especially our newborns crib. Within just a few days we had some bugs in the ones under our son’s crib! We will always use them to protect our family!”

Cindy Witworth

“Our experience with Randall at 1st Defence has exceeded all of our expectations. They truly went above and beyond to help us with our bug problem, taking the time to help us set up traps, thoroughly explaining how to use them, giving demos, and providing much needed (and appreciated) advice. These guys are fantastic, they provide marvelous service and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

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