The Original Bug Coaster has many applications in your household. You can place them under bed frames and couch legs as an interception zone to prevent and detect the spread of bedbugs, spiders and even scorpions. When placed in the pantry, or other suspected problem areas, they will help prevent ants and cockroaches. Use the round coaster in a corner or strategic areas in your house, and you can effectively detect the presence of crawling pests and treat the problem accordingly.

These durable devices are designed to work better and last longer than any other adhesive-based product on the market and won’t get crushed.

The Bug Coasters are also non-toxic, pesticide-free and don’t contain any dangerous chemicals. This makes them ideal for use around children and pets, and for use near food and in gardens.

Using our Bug Coasters both indoors and outdoors around your home will act as an early detection tool to alert you of any potential infestations. By using our products, your home, your plants and your family will be shielded against crawling insects and pests.




Crawling pests are more than a nuisance; often, pests bring dangers of traveling disease or toxic bites along with them. Traditionally, dealing with crawling pests has meant spraying homes and yards with harmful chemicals or resorting to expensive solutions. We founded 1st Defence because we knew there had to be a cost-effective way to prevent the spread of crawling pests, without using chemicals. Our Original Bug Coaster series keeps your home pesticide and chemical free: better for you, the environment and your family.


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