Pest Control Industry

Pest Control Industry

The Original Bug Coaster line of coasters and bait trays are perfect for the pest control industry. Built to commercial standards, our products can withstand up to 3,000 pounds of pressure, are cost effective, durable and reusable for years of service.

Many pest control professionals find our Bug Coasters to be an effective means of early detection for their clients and custom designed treatment protocol. By placing Bug Coasters in strategic areas throughout the establishment, you or your clients can easily monitor them for any potential infestations. Since crawling pests are trapped inside the coaster device you will be able to properly assess the problem and increase the efficiency of the eradication process.

Our attractant tray inserts are a superior product to anything else available on the market. Built to insert into our 4-inch round coasters, these trays will allow you to use whatever bait or pheromone you prefer.

Your clients will also appreciate the attractive and unobtrusive look of our products.

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