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Why Sell Bug Coaster Products?
Countless benefits.  A product to be proud of.

Tested Product

All products tested by Snell Scientifics – market leader in insect control.

Your Feedback Matters

We constantly reach out to our vendors for insight and direction.

Wide Range Of Products

We are constantly releasing new products, styles, and introducing new colors.

Real Warranty Support

We stand behind everything we sell, so you can too.

Professional Insight

Devloped in conjunction with Ted A. Granovksy, Ph.D. Board-Certified Entymologist.

Marketing Materials Provided

Our Marketing Team will provide you with everything you need for retail success.

Multiple Industry Capability

All of our products can be targeted towards numerous industries.

Measurable Change

Our products actually make a difference in peoples lives and businesses.

Quick Launch Strategy
We are prepared to fill orders in as soon as 7 business days.  Once your initial consultation is complete and we have collectively determined what mix and materials you need for success, we ship your product immediately.  We understand business if fast-paced, so we want to support that as best we can.
Customized Branding

On larger orders, we are happy to customize the branding to your specific needs; allowing you to strengthen your position in the marketplace.

From custom colors, to logos and designs, we are prepared to help you create a lasting impression.

Long-Term Relationshoips
We have no intention of slowing down.  We are constantly creating new innovative products that fit in multiple niches – and for that reason we intend to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Our Current Vendors

What Our Vendors Are Saying
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“Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results.”
Dylan P.
3 Simple Steps To Get Going
We stay involved throughout the entire process

1. Consultation Call

Your initial contact with our team to discuss what mix and materials make the most sense for you.

2. Place Order

Once the details are ironed out, we place your order and ship your product to you.

3. Launch Strategy

While you wait for your order, we provide you will the necessary information and tools you need.
Frequently asked questions from our retailers
If you have any questions no listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Can I get a refund on my product?
We only offer refunds on deffective product. So if you have deffective units, we will either refund or replace them.
Can I acquire an exclusive agreement?
Yes. We are always open to exclusivity agreements, based off what is best for both businesses.
What marketing materials are included?
That depends on your strategy. We have options for digital ads, social media ads, as well as print banners and tri-fold brochures.
How custom can I make my order?
Depending on volume, we can make your order completely tailored to your business!
What are you waiting for?  Your competition may have already placed their order!
Don’t miss out on your opportunity to capture market share!