Refill Instructions

How to Replace Sticky Pad Inserts

Pull off the coaster top and remove the old adhesive pad. Fold pad closed and discard in the trash bin. If you are using a pest control company it may be useful to keep the pad for reference. New adhesive pads are extremely sticky. Placing new pad on a flat surface to make removal of the backing easier.

Put new a new Sticky Pad into the base tray with the adhesive side up and cover with coaster top. Line up pegs and press until it clicks.

Check for crawling pests frequently. When pests are captured, replace the adhesive pad and/or inform pest control. Replace pad every 30 to 90 days, as dust or debris on the adhesive will reduce its effectiveness.

NOTE: If you come in contact with the non-toxic adhesive, it can be easily removed with ordinary vegetable oil.